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Are you having difficulty shutting off the water metre during plumbing emergencies? Is it continuously leaking? Have you accidently struck the water metre with a lawnmower or a vehicle?

The shut-off valve for the water metre must be in good condition in order to function properly. The tap washers can deteriorate, and the spindles can potentially seize up unexpectedly.

Water metres, like water taps and pipes, are prone to damage. If you are unable to turn off the water metre in an emergency, this is a clear indication that the metre requires repair.

Additionally, if you notice water leaking from the metre, it requires quick repair before becoming irreparable and requiring replacement.

The water metre must be in excellent condition in order to function effectively. Dial Up Plumbing Services, as your favourite plumber in Sydney, provides water metre repair services to the Sydney commercial and residential plumbing customers.

How Does Water Meter Leaks?

Just like other items of hardware in your home, the water metre must be serviced and repaired on a regular basis to ensure effective operation. The following are some of the elements that affect the life of a water metre.

Here are some of the common reasons behind broken water meters;

  • Air intrusions causing high water bills
  • Age is one of the major reason behind broken water meters
  • Corrosion due to extreme weather conditions
  • External damage/ Accidents due to lawnmowers

Who Is Responsible For Leaking Water Meter?

Depending upon various circumstances, Sydney Water or the property owner will be held responsible for fixing water meter leaks. If the water meter is installed jointly, both the property owners would be held responsible.

Also, Sydney Water usually replaces water meter if the water meter;

  • has registered the maximum water usage
  • has been broken or is to old
  • has been stopped due to mechanical damage

Dial Up Plumbing services can always help you with your queries related to water meter leaks and damages. As a responsible plumbing company based in Sydney, we are happy to provide any kind of help over the phone.

Water Meter Repairs Sydney
Image Credits: Sydney Water

How to report leaking water meter?

You can call Sydney Water 24 hours and 7 days of the week to report issues related to water meter leaks, at 13 20 92. Also, you can contact a licensed plumber based in Sydney in order to get adequate help.

What To Do When Water Meter Tap Is Leaking?

We provide repair services for water metres. Our professionals thoroughly inspect the entire water metre and linked piping to ensure that everything is in working order and that there are no difficulties.

In the majority of situations, water metres become blocked as a result of infrequent use. We offer repair services to resolve the issue and ensure that the water metre functions properly.

When you hire us to execute a project, we explain the situation and recommend the best course of action. Additionally, we offer water metre relocation services around the property, providing you have all necessary papers.

It is critical to hire a licensed plumber to repair the water metre. We are a reputable and qualified plumber in the area capable of repairing all makes and models of water metres at competitive rates. Contact us at (02) 8999 6125 to experience quality plumbing service experience.

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